Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Amour in Aanandha Bhavan

The heavy drops landed hard on her head, soon turning her luscious curls into a limp state of messy strands. The peacock-coloured kurta clung on to every curve on her very womanly body - Indian woman's body.

A small crowd began to gather under the only available bus stop in front of Tekka market. Nandini was simply too tired to stand around and wait with the drenched bodies. she desperately needed a cup of Chai. Masala Chai was her favourite! Nothing can beat the aroma and taste of her favorite Indian tea.

She dashed across the road, which wasn't an unusual scene in this part of the country, and got to her regular vegetarian restaurant. Nandini placed her hand on the metal handle to push the door open when another hand landed right on top of hers. Almost instantly she pulled back, natural reaction for someone as shy as her. The dark intense eyes looked at her, and whispered an apology. She had never seen anyone who spoke with their eyes.

They entered the restaurant. Strangers. Both looking for a place to sit and enjoy an evening snack. There was only one table available. They saw it, then glanced at each other and smiled.

"Would you like to order first?" The brown-eyed stranger asked Nandini. " I'll save a seat for you.''
She nodded and went to wait in line. All this while, he could not help staring at this Indian beauty with her innocent doe eyes and curves too dangerous to even let his eyes ride upon. What got to him most was the way her wet hair framed her smooth flawless face. He was so tempted to reach out and push it behind her ears, which had cute little jumkas dangling from them.

While in the queue, the very single Nandhini had silly girly thoughts about the Frenchman whom she was going to share her table with, little did she know that this was the man she was going to fall in love with on this rainy day in Aanandha Bhavan.


  1. Great story! Love it. Looking forward to your A2Z posts

  2. Awesome beginning! Very sexy and romantic.

  3. So descriptive that I feel the romance in the rain! Let's keep going!

  4. I am enjoying this…..looking forward to reading C