Friday, 3 April 2015

Colour of love

Pink and gold salwar with a pink rose in her hair. Bangles to match and her signature jumkas. Siddarth knew his sister loved her earrings but to see her all dressed up for a simple dinner was something he was not used to. There was a certain glow about her. Not a girl to love make up other than dark khol for her eyes and occasional lipstick, Nandhini had a natural blush today.

They were close enough for him to know someone must be the reason for this change in his sister. Whether or not their parents had a sixth sense for their offspring, the siblings didn't have to speak to communicate.

Seated next to Nadhini, Siddarth leaned over and asked her, " So?"

She avoiding his questioning gaze, just smiled. She was dying to just blabber everything right there and then, but no way with her parents around. She did have a close bond with her mother but she wasn't ready to share with her just yet. Amma would just get all excited, like any typical Indian mum and start planning her wedding.

They were at a Chinese Seafood restaurant. It was a place where they were regular faces. The restaurant owner knew her dad and many special occasions were celebrated there. They ordered the usual dishes and over dinner had a good conversation.

Siddharth was always back home late from work and Dad worked shifts. This was a good time to catch up, just like old times where dinner was a time they sat together and discussed the day's events.

Nandhini's phone beeped.


She texted her reply. 'Yes, I met someone. Need Advice. Talk later.'

Siddharth grinned at her. This conversation will have to wait. It was her brother's special day and precious family time.


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