Saturday, 11 April 2015


"Hi Nandhini!!'
She turned around to see a familiar face smiling at her. His boyish looks hadn't changed since they were in sch!
Sean was an athlete in secondary school. Her classmate. He was not just good in sports but also the top student every year. He didn't miss a year receiving an award for outstanding student. They kept in touch for a few years after they left school and then Sean left for overseas to continue his university education. They kept in touch a little on Facebook but that was it.
Now here he was. She didn't know he was returning home. Nandhini had a secret crush on him before, which girl didn't? In a way she still blushed when he looked at her too long. What she didn't know was that Sean too had always admired her, but never said anything for fear of rejection.
They spoke for awhile and then decided that they should just sit and have coffee.
Etienne was supposed to meet her at 7pm for dinner. She still had time. They talked about old times and before you know it, it was time for her dinner date. She had told Etienne to meet her at the entrance of Paragon Shopping mall. Sean waited with her till he arrived.
That wasn't the best idea. Etienne didn't seem too happy to see her with another guy. His expression was quite clear about that. Sean said hi and excused himself.
The dinner was quite solemn. Nandhini tried asking him what had upset him but Etienne didn't utter a word.
"Sweetheart, I don't like the idea of you hanging around with another guy,especially without me around," he said without a smile.
Nandhini was taken aback but before she could reply he walked away.
I should make sure she never leaves me, Etienne kept repeating in his head as he got into a cab to go home.

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