Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fantasy (AC?)


Nandhini was lying in bed. She was glad that when she had returned home, everyone was already in bed. She just didn't feel like talking and wanted to be left alone to savour the events of her date.

She was so worked up over what had happened after her dinner date. What had she missed out on all these years? Times when her friends talked about their dates and the sinfully exciting things they'd tried she switched off. She believed in waiting for that special someone. Was Etienne that someone?

If his lips alone were sending this tingly sensation throughout her body, imagine what his hands against her bare skin would do, she thought to herself. Her imagination ran wild.

Nandhini imagined them going back to his place. In the elevator, Etienne coming so close to her that she could feel his hot breath on her. His hands grabbing her waist and pulling her towards him. She could feel him growing as he pushes himself against her. Her breathing accelerates as she closes her eyes and tilts her head back. His lips press against hers. She could feel his tongue slowly making its way to meet hers. The doors of the elevator opens and they walk to his apartment, the one he's renting for his stay here.

He shuts the door and she's forced back against it. Etienne stares into her eyes and then he's kissing her neck. She didn't realise her zip had been undone as her dress slowly slips off her. She's standing in front of him, in front of anyone for that matter, for the first time with barely anything on.

In her bed, Nandhini is already experiencing something very new to her. As her chest heaved, she could feel a strong urge. There.

Should she? No. She'll wait. She'll wait to experience her first time with Etienne. She was sure it was going to be worth it.

Continuation since letter A