Monday, 6 April 2015


He poured himself a drink. Scotch. On the rocks. Just how he always had it. He had picked it up during his travels, and it became his drink of choice. Walking towards the balcony with the drink in his hand, he stood to admire the view from his balcony. He stepped out.

Etienne sat down on the wooden chair in his balcony. The breeze was like a lullaby. He closed his eyes and Nandhini appeared before him. Her silky smooth skin. Oh those curves, even now made his body react. But what excited him more was wondering what she'd taste like. Her lips were like dipping his tongue in soft peach. She certainly looked like something he had never tasted before. The hunger in him grew as did something else.

His thoughts drifted off to two years ago when he had met a girl in India. During one of his volunteer trips, he met a girl, Swetha. She was only 19. She had tan skin, brown eyes and long dark hair. Swetha was Etienne's first. Never in his wildest imaginations did he think he was capable of doing what he did to Swetha.

The night before he left India, Swetha had insisted on meeting him. They had a nice dinner and conversation, but before leaving Swetha had wanted Etienne so badly. They kissed passionately. he can still remember how her lips tasted. Warm, moist and there was this certain sweetness in this Indian girl's lips, like honey. And while making love, Etienne got too carried away and he bit her on her neck. Swetha screamed in pain. Instead of stopping, Etienne pinned her down and ripped her flesh in his mouth and it tasted so good. It was like something had taken over him and he was oblivious to her screams. He licked her, all over, tasting every bit of her and biting off chunks of meat from different parts and savouring this exquisite delicacy, not even realising that he had taken not just her flesh but her life.

She was his first and he thought last, till now - Nandhini.


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    1. Romance all the way to letter Z? Didn't think I could do's see where this goes

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  3. I did not see that coming! (Well, neither did Swetha.) :)

  4. Oh my god!! That was not what I expected. Is he now turning into a cannibal?
    Fellow AtoZ Participant,

    1. Yeah..scary that there are real cases of such things happening out there

  5. Interesting twist in the tale! Waiting for more