Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Growing Up Gory

Etienne had a pretty normal family, until he was 10 years old that is, when his father walked out of his life. Etienne had no clue his world was going to shatter on a very ordinary Sunday afternoon. His only memory of that day was hearing his parents argue while he was playing in the garden. Next thing he knew his father had stormed out of the house with his luggage. He kissed Etienne on the head and disappeared from his life for good. Etienne remembered the anger he felt towards his mother. It was all her fault! She was constantly picking on her husband, who according to Etienne, adored her.

His entire teen years were spent in frustration. Etienne kept to himself; no friends and never had a single girlfriend. Whenever he was overwhelmed with emotions, he would walk into the woods not too far away and hunt rabbits. Once caught, he would rip the rabbit apart with his bare hands and let the blood drip all over his bare body. He would pretend to be some Jungle warrior and paint his face with the blood. He loved to lick it off his hands and savour every drop of it. He would sometimes even eat the rabbit's meat - raw!

Etienne didn't think anything was wrong with his behaviour. He thought he was only venting his frustration, after all people do hunt rabbits and it was not unusual to eat its meat. No one else was aware of this strange habit of his, not even his mother. However what Etienne didn't realise at that time was his passion for meat, ripping and tearing raw meat with his teeth gave him such pleasure. It was simply orgasmic. That was also why he never had a relationship. Being with the opposite sex just never gave him the same pleasure. One of the most good looking young men in his school, he never had a lack of admirers.

Lucky for Etienne, he had the opportunity to travel in college. His focus changed. He became too involved in travelling and social work. Who would have thought there was another side to him. He turned his attention to extreme sport as well and that was his way of curbing his desire to kill.

By this time, Etienne had lost touch with his mother, he had moved out on his own and she had her own life with the man she had remarried.

It was during one of his trips to India, that was a turning point in his life. His cannibalistic side emerged from the dark corners of his soul, triggered by a very simple, very sweet but very horny young lady. Etienne suddenly realised how much he hated women because of how his mother had thrown his loving father out of their lives.

That was when Etienne found out that in order to keep the woman with him, he had to eat her flesh, so that they became a part of him and never ever leave.

Continuation from letter A


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