Thursday, 16 April 2015


She had always been a very chirpy girl. Tons of friends while growing up. Nandhini was not only good academically but she was a dancer. Dance was her passion. She never had time for boys because she was spending so much time on her dance.

Her passion began from a very young age, but she could only pursue her dreams when she was sixteen. Her parents were both working and too busy to bring her to classes, so only when she was old enough was she able to attend the classes on her own.

Other than dance, she was always busy with her studies and when she had left school, she was constantly on the laptop researching something. There was no topic that was not of interest to her. She loved learning something new all the time.

this time her research was going to be on Etienne. She wondered what she could find out about him and of course Swetha.

If she was going to stay with this man, then she definitely had to find out more so that she wouldn't have any doubts.

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