Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Love is forgiving

Love is blind!
Love conquers all!

Maybe I'm not blinded but I just believe that we'll overcome anything if we are truly in love..
Nandhini lay awake in the dark room-thinking.
She could not go back to sleep and could hear the soft snore coming from the other side of the bed.
She carefully climbed out of bed and put on her clothes. She then sneaked out of the room. Her heart racing a little.

The knob turned and the room was exposed! The study. She walked In not quite sure what to look for.

She switched on the lamp on the study and sat on the huge office chair. without a second thought, she tried to pull open the drawer. She was quite shocked that it opened. There was a diary inside.

Should I?

She picked it up and a photo fell out.

A sweet Indian girl with a brilliant smile stood there holding Etienne.
Who was she? Why didn't Etienne mention her? Did he even have to?
A million questions swarmed in her head all at once.

She dug through the drawer some more. A newspaper article was lying buried deep under some documents.

Girl eaten by man eating beast!
Nandhini covered her mouth - shocked! 

Obviously it must have affected Etienne, maybe that's why he didn't mention the girl. Upon reading, Nandhini found out her name was Swetha.

My poor baby!

He has lost his girlfriend! No wonder he was jealous. He didn't want to lose me as well.
She just had to wait for the right moment to ask Etienne about Swetha. She returned to the room and slid back next to Etienne under the covers.