Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hot Chocolate

Late Friday night, Nandhini received a text message, just as she was about to get ready for bed. She had no plans that night. On a normal Friday, she would be out with her friends watching a movie or hanging out at a cafe with her usual cup of hot chocolate. They would have girly conversations for hours.

She wasn't expecting anyone to text. Nandhini was surprised to see an invitation to go out dancing. It was none other than Etienne. Her heart quickened its pace. Without thinking, she replied, 'Yes.'

She got dressed. As usual she was looking hot! Nandhini met Etienne at a hotel lobby. He suggested going to a club there. The place was packed with so many good looking men and women. The music was great. They managed to squeeze their way to the bar and got a drink each. Nandhini suddenly realised how close she was standing next to Etienne. She was practically inhaling his breath. He smelt so good, her tummy was doing flip flops.

After a few drinks and lots of giggles, Nandhini had loosened up and begun dancing close to Etienne. Her back rubbing against him. He had his arm around her waist and moving along with her. Etienne hardly danced. He actually enjoyed dancing with Nandhini and she smelt like a flower to him. He leaned towards Nandhini's neck and licked her - from her neck up to her ear. She froze. Not because of fear but it felt so good. She turned around and while still dancing, she kissed him. Slowly and passionately, right there at the bar, not caring who was around her. Her movements slowed down and she was swaying her hips against Etienne. She licked him just the way he had done with her. Neither could hold back anymore. They decided to leave and go back to his apartment.

Nandhini was so tipsy with drinks that she was not even thinking. All she knew was that she wanted to be with Etienne. Her little crush was blooming into something more. She didn't mind spending the night with him, something she normally wouldn't do. She was finally ready for this.

Back at his place, it all happened as she had imagined. It was an amazing feeling and it all happened so naturally. This was better than having hot chocolate she thought with a smile as she drifted off to sleep in Etienne's arms.

Continuation from letter A


  1. Friday nights are the best and memorable :)

  2. Friday nights are the best and memorable :)

  3. I really liked the comparison of Hot Chocolate